Embarrassing Zoom Stories

Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

This year has started off online and many people have been struggling with this whole new process. Whether it’s bad internet or students don’t want to go to class. One other major thing on Zoom is the stories. Many people don’t like Zoom because they have to show their face and interact through the computer. These people have had the most embarrassing moments in their class and let me tell y’all, it’s hilarious!


First Day of School 

Navanni Rizo 

“My mic wasn’t connected to zoom on the first day of Spanish, so when my teacher asked if I was here, I talked for a minute just to find out it wasn’t connected.”


Second-Hand Embarrassment

Ozzie Landin 

“My homies and I played Call of Duty the first week of school and my friend’s mic was still on and he got in trouble. It was second-hand embarrassment for me and the others.”




“I was in class and I thought this kid was cute so I would pin him to my screen. Turns out the teacher can know who you pin…”


Never Going on Zoom While on the Phone

Exodus Rodriguez

“I was in Leadership and had the volume on my laptop all the way down. I was on the phone with my mom and I didn’t know that I wasn’t on mute. My friends were trying to tell me, but I couldn’t hear them. My classmates heard most of the conversation.”