Baskin Robbins Review

Chloe Mendoza and Ari Matias Perez

Sadly, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Selma, California’s very own Baskin Robbins’ Flavor of the Month has been traded in lieu of a handful of classic flavors. Not willing to give up this tradition of reviewing ice cream, however, Ari and I opted to go a less conventional route. We asked the drive-through worker to surprise us and were given… Icing on the Cake

Attempting to tap into my inner food critic, I took my first bite of this savory sweet treat. I was immediately startled by the rainbow sprinkles and was taken back to my childhood (A.K.A. only about three years ago). My initial reaction was pleasant, and I enjoyed the occasional, yet subtle cake chunk of cake batter. The after taste reminded me of birthdays spent at my grandma’s house, with lingering hints of Baskin Robbins ice cream cake still gracing my tongue. Though I couldn’t eat more than one scoop of this vanilla wonderland, due to its sweetness, and its no Jamoca Almond Fudge —which in my book is the standard for comparison— I must rate this a solid 7/10. -Chloe 

As Chloe stated, this month we tasted Icing on the Cake. As a really picky eater, I was not really looking forward to this.  I was terrified of trying something I might have hated and therefore have to give it a low rating because of my weak taste buds.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised when we were given a flavor one could consider “safe.”  It was presented to us as a white fluffy ice cream infused with both colorful sprinkles and bits of cake within every spoonful.  It tastes like, you guessed it, icing! This flavor is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth.  However, for someone like me, this flavor was a bit on the too sweet side.  Apart from the sweetness, it was a bit bland.  Without the sprinkles and the tiny bits of cake, I feel like this would just be cold icing.  Not to be too harsh though, I did overall enjoy this flavor, but it wasn’t my favorite.  Taking all this into consideration, I am also going to have to give this flavor a 7/10. -Ari