Mr. Bustos, Our New Folklorico Teacher

Jashan Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

This year, Selma High welcomes a new Folklorico teacher, Mr. Bustos. He has been a dance teacher since 2013 and has worked at high schools, middle schools, and private schools for seven to eight years. 

Mr. Bustos went to high school at Clovis West and was in dance at his high school. Dancing has always been a part of him since he was a little kid. As Mr. Bustos was discovering what he wanted to do, he knew teaching would be the best option.

“I have been in dance for a really long time and knew mostly everything about it,” said Mr. Bustos, “I knew the next step was to teach students how to dance to Folklorico.”

Before coming to Selma High, Mr. Bustos’ last spot teaching was at Orosi. He then helped out at Roosevelt High later. 

Dance is a little different than teaching a subject because there are particular steps to learn. Mr. Bustos explains how they learn online. For all the teachers, this is new because they are used to being in person with their students. 

“We go online during our period and the students learn how to dance,” said Mr. Bustos, “I send videos to them and they send their videos of them to me. I look at them and then see what they need help doing.” 

This new school year hasn’t gone as expected and Mr. Bustos is making it the best with his students. 

“Even with these hard circumstances, we are trying to make the best of every situation and make sure my students learn everything they need to know,” stated Mr. Bustos, “We can’t let the pandemic get in the way of our learning.”

Folklorico has some ideas in mind for the future. With COVID making everything hard to do, they plan to have virtual showcases online for people to see. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to join in and see the wonderful dances they have done.