Mr. Carabajal Making the Most Out of This Year

Isabella Porras, Reporter

Selma High welcomes Mr. Carabajal, who is making a swift transition into the Selma High community, teaching in SHS’s Social Science department!

Carabajal is currently in his first year teaching, with four periods of world history and one of government. After doing his research he found that Selma High was the perfect place for him to start off.

“I love that Selma is really student-centric,” describes Carabajal. “Making a place for all types of students is so important.” 

Originally from Mendota, Carabajal is no stranger to Selma’s small town atmosphere, even saying it is comfortable for him. The variety of programs offered to students was what made Selma so appealing to him. He elaborated on how he knew that when he became a teacher, safety and comfort among students would be the backbone of his classroom. 

Carabajal went into UC Merced already interested in being a high school teacher, and adding on his interest in Political Science, he knew the way he wanted his career path to go.

“I got told many times by my peers that I shouldn’t be a teacher because of how mentally taxing it is,” explained Carabajal. “But as I was a student teacher at my alma mater, in Mendota, I found that the rewards really do outweigh the drawbacks.”

Beginning student teaching in the 2019-2020 school year, Mr. Carabajal was thrust into the newness of distance learning far earlier in his career compared to others. He indicated that although the switch happening so early in his career made this new school year at SHS that much easier, it does not mean that he has it any easier.

“Distance learning is all the ‘un-fun’ parts of teaching put together,” commented the history teacher. “One of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher is seeing your students’ faces everyday.”

Despite this, Carabajal still has the goal of getting through it all. He gave props to his department for being very open to his ideas and how they are always more than willing to help him out if he is struggling. He even fondly describes how he feels his students are warming up to him.

“I love that they are starting to ask more and more questions and are coming to office hours.” said Carabajal.

Carabajal hopes this year goes smoothly, all things considered, and that Selma High can welcome him with open arms.