Mrs. Manter: Empowering the Future Generations


Samantha Morales, Reporter

While attending Selma High School, there has been one inspirational woman I could always look up to throughout my four years. That woman being Jennifer Manter, who you might know from taking her PE or AVID class at one point. Maybe even deciding to be involved in JV Swim where you get to call her coach. I got the opportunity to call her coach for four years now and even the chance to be in her AVID class during my Junior year of school.

From my freshman and sophomore year, she had taught me what real determination of self-improvement was by just doing laps in the pool. Making me want to strive to be better and giving me the knowledge that I could become a better version of myself. 

Junior year is when I really developed a growth within myself, though that wouldn’t have happened without Mrs. Manter. Teaching me how to let go of the past and know my worth. Since I was now in her class, as a student where she got to see me in and out of an academic setting. She got to see who I really was as a person and was probably the first teacher I had at the time, who genuinely cared. 

Even when asked what she hopes that students of hers remember when taking her class, she already achieved her goal through countless students. 

“My goal is that my students know I truly do care about them. I hope they know that they are all very capable and I believe in them and their abilities,” said Manter.

Being the first teacher that I felt like I could go to anything for whether it was personal things, academic problems, or breakdowns on why my FAFSA didn’t go through when I provided everything. Anything that could be named, I felt safe enough to go to her about. This is rare to find sometimes, when you’re not the most talkative individual. It’s common to get hidden away by more outspoken people, but with Mrs. Manter that’s never the case. That’s something you don’t see a lot in people.

Now my last year, Mrs. Manter has taught me what motivation is. Despite not interacting as much from last year, she still taught me something. Being the first year without having AVID, I had to find out all of the college application, FAFSA, scholarships, etc. by myself which was terrifying. I only went for help when I really needed it, not because I was afraid but rather I know that in less than three months, I can’t rely on someone else as much for my answers or tell me when I need to do something. I need that self-motivation to get things done, not just motivation from others.

Even though Mrs. Manter does motivate others, her inspirations to do this work are not only the students she sees everyday, but her co-worker, Debbie Sultenfuss.  

“Debbie Sultenfuss never settles as a teacher. She constantly is looking for ways to improve and keep our students motivated to learn. I love how she sets the bar high not only for herself but for her students. On a daily basis Debbie motivates me to grow as a teacher,” said Manter.

Just like other students on campus and myself are motivated by Mrs. Manter’s constant drive, she is also looking up to someone else in the same field as her.

“My hope and wish is that I can empower my students by showing them they are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Whether it be running their fastest mile, getting into the college of their dreams, or learning how to swim and being part of our JV swim team my hope is that these accomplishments will push my students to never put limitations on their dreams,” commented Manter.

For twenty-one years Jennifer Manter has inspired and likely made countless other students feel this way.

Because of that, I truly think that she’s one of the most inspiring and motivational women on this campus. She continues hoping to build up the future generations to come.