Not Just a Role Model but a Best Friend


Yasmine Awad, Reporter

When we think of women who inspire us in our lives, many people think of their mother, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, or even coaches. In my eyes, my mother is my inspiration.

A mother is someone who nourishes and loves her children. Mothers tend to put everyone above themselves and not worry about their own well being as their goal is to help.  A mother’s love is unique as it is like nothing in this world. It is pure and innocent. Therefore the connection with a mother can never be described. It can only be felt. 

My grandmother taught my mother and made her into the person she is today. My mom is continuing the tradition of helping each of my siblings to find their purpose in life. Coming from a foregin country my mother wanted the best for my siblings and me. She wanted us to have a good childhood and raise us with correct morals. She taught my siblings and me that being thankful for what you have is important and will help grow a person’s character. 

My mother has inspired me, she has shown it through her work. My mother is a caregiver for the elderly. She is always there for them when they need her and never fails to help. Not only does she take on the role of a mother at home, but at work as well. Caring for others comes naturally to her and she never fails to prove it. My mother enjoys her job. She gets to be herself and help others who need it. Being a caregiver allows my mother to do what she loves, which is caring for those who are in need.This inspires me as my mother chose to have a job that cares for others. She has taught me to be kindhearted as there are many people who need help. 

My mother has played a very significant role in my life. Through all the hardships and stress I’ve gone through I can remember her always being by my side to comfort me. She knew how to make me smile when I didn’t want to. She pushed me to new peaks I never knew I could accomplish. She taught me how life was a struggle, but with knowledge, ability, and kindness, you can strive to reach your goals. My relationship with my mother is genuine and secure. She knows me better than anyone else with an inexplicable bond. 

That is why my mother is not only my inspiration, but a best friend that I’ve had since day one.