Sisters: A Boy’s Biggest Inspiration

Sisters: A Boy’s Biggest Inspiration

Edward Rosario Arriaga, Reporter

In my 17 years on this planet, if I have learned one thing at all, it’s that my sisters are the best thing that I could have been blessed with. When talking about inspirational women in our lives we tend to think of a teacher, a mentor, a friend, but we most often overlook the people closest to us. My sisters are not only my family members, but they are role models who constantly teach me lessons about life that have shaped me into the individual I am today.

My sister Jessica, 23 years old, is the eldest of the four children in my family. She is living proof that no matter where you start, anything is possible. She is and continues to be the definition of what it means to be a Rosario. At just a meer ten years old, she cooked, cleaned, and cared for my sister and me while my parents worked to be able to give us a better future where we could get an education and have more opportunities. In May of 2019 that dream finally became a reality. Jessica graduated from Fresno Pacific University becoming the first Rosario to ever attend and graduate college. With this accomplishment, my beautiful amazing sister created the foundation for my family and started the pathway for my siblings and I to pursue a further education. She is a constant reminder that I can achieve more in life and help better the future of my family.

Jennifer, who is 19 years old and second eldest, always brings light when there’s nothing but darkness around. Ever since we were kids Jennifer has had a certain fire in her that not a lot of people have.It has allowed her to reach a level of success and opportunity in her education and life. In present day, she uses that gift at UCLA to advocate and educate others on Mexican culture and injustices we face in America surrounding the stigma we,and others, carry for being Mexicans in the United States. She inclines me to be prideful of the color of my skin and of my culture while also teaching me lessons of what I can do to better the world we live in.

Youngest of all of my siblings, Katelyn is 10 years old and is my little partner in crime. Seeing Katelyn grow into becoming a talented and driven young woman brings me hope for future generations. I see myself influencing her actions and behaviors while she motivates me to become a better person because I am a role model to her and have a direct correlation with the person she becomes later on in life.

I am beyond proud to have these three amazing young women in my life, they each teach me different lessons about what it means to be myself and constantly inspire me to do better not only for myself but for others.