My Wonder Woman Mom


Katarina Quintana, Editorial Editor/Webmaster

My mom’s name is Elisa Quintana, aka Wonder Woman. I don’t even know where to begin…but I guess I’ll start with one of my earliest memories of my mom. I remember looking up at her in the kitchen, cutting bananas for my cereal. I remember her doing my hair every morning before school and eating lunch with her every Friday. I remember her taking me to dance class and being at every recital, recording me with her little cassette camcorder (lol). 

As a younger girl, I knew my mom loved me and I never doubted that she would be there for me. She was my cook, hair stylist, chofer, and biggest supporter. I’ve grown up to discover that she is still all of these things and SO much more. 

She has made my school lunch every day for over 12 years (thanks mom:)), she cleans my clothes, and drives me around. Thanks to her being a cosmetologist, I’ve never had to visit the hair salon.

I’ve asked her several times, “Mom, don’t you get tired of driving me places and doing things for me?” Her answer is always, “No.” She tells me that because her mom was there for her, she is glad to be there for my sister and me. 

My mom keeps me grounded. Whenever I have a breakdown, she’s there. When I need someone to talk or vent to, she’s there to listen. When I make jokes that aren’t funny, she’s there to laugh with me.

I was recently looking through an old scrapbook that she made documenting the first year of my life. As I flipped through the pages, I couldn’t help but get a little emotional. It may sound cheesy, but her love for me was so evident on each page.

I often take for granted all that she does for me, so right now I want to recognize and appreciate everything she’s sacrificed and poured into me. 

Thank you mom for loving passionately and embracing me no matter how I feel. Thank you for being my rock through my physical struggles. Thank you for always reminding me to seek God in the good and the bad. I know that your prayers have helped carry me through tough times, even when I didn’t know. You inspire me to be myself no matter where I go, to be bold when I’m anxious, and to be kind to everyone I meet. I really don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for leading by example and for being YOU!

My mom really is a Wonder Woman.