Baskin Robbins Review

Hey, it’s Brandi! So, Anna and I experienced the weirdest thing. The flavor of the month was actually completely sold out – it was that good! We didn’t want to leave our readers hanging, so we came up with a quick solution. Anna and I picked a random ice cream flavor out for each other in replace of the actual flavor of the month. Keep in mind, neither of us have ever tried the flavors we picked out for each other. 

Anna selected Old Fashioned Butter Pecan for me to taste. I did not find the name pleasing so I was a little concerned, but I ended up really enjoying the flavor! The pecans and hints of butter were mesmerizing on my tongue. The best part about it was the caramel pieces mixed in. 

There’s nothing old fashioned about this flavor, hence the name. It fulfills any pecan/butter/caramel craving. 

I loved it! Rate: 10/10  

Hi guys! Anna here. For me, Brandi chose Icing on the Cake. My go to ice cream flavors are usually chocolate based, so I was a bit apprehensive about what she chose for me. She felt the same way, though. Upon first taste, I realized I was absolutely wrong. The cake flavored ice-cream was so good. As I kept eating, I came across tasty cake crumbs and candy confetti ribbon. These things were sweet, but not too sweet. Everything complemented the ice cream. 

You know when you’re a little kid and you like bubblegum ice cream and some of those fun, childish flavors?  Well, this ice cream was kind of like that. It made me nostalgic for my early childhood when I loved the silly, fun flavors. The ice cream may have been cold, but it certainly warmed my heart. If you are looking for some really good ice cream and a trip down memory lane, you will love Icing on the Cake

I rate this ice cream a 10/10!