Selma High Track Running Towards Victory


Track team group picture after event.

Yarektzy Navarro, Reporter

On Friday April 28th, the Selma High School track team participated in its final meet of the season at the Reedley Invitational. This meet was entirely made up of different relays.
Many of the students set new personal records for themselves and all were proud of what they achieved.
Track isn’t just a sport that focuses on working together to bring victory, but it’s about working on your own goal. Track is about encouraging each other to be the best they can be to achieve personal goals. The sport is judged on everyone’s individual abilities. Motivation is needed at times by the team to bring out the best of each other.
“Something I like to see is everyone getting a PR (personal record) in their event,” commented sophomore Joseph Chavez.
Coaching is done by Coach Francis. His goal is not only to make strong players, but to make them accomplish their own goals. He also agrees that all the players should be able not not to achieve their personal goals but to keep consistency and to push themselves to improve throughout the season.
“We like to see our athletes constantly hitting new PR’s throughout the season while having fun. Effort is key to seeing progress on track,” commented Coach Francis.
Without the correct mindset to achieve your goals, you will not be able to accomplish what you wish.
“Even though track is more of an independent sport I would love to see each member of our team succeed in each of their events,” stated senior Angelica Villegas.
It is Angelica’s first year trying track and has been going very well. Although being a senior, there’s always time to try new things.
“Track is more of an independent sport which I have learned that consists of dedication and commitment from one and from the team,” commented Angelica.
For many athletes, their sport is more than just a place where they can attain achievement. It teaches them valuable lessons and gives them skills they can carry with them throughout their lifetime.
“From my experience thanks to track, I was able to walk out with more confidence and determination on other things I would like to do in the future,” explained Chavez
With their performance and goals in mind, the team reflected on the sport they love in the hopes that other students at Selma High School might be encouraged to try out for track in the future.
“Our biggest strength is the bond within the team, everybody is one family who roots on one another. No matter what, our team is supportive of each other,” explained Coach Francis.
The team has its League Championships coming up on May 5th.