Selma High Swim Glides with Optimism


Selma High Athlete, Alexis Viveros, Swimming Breastroke

Michael Casarez, Reporter/Photo Editor

The Selma High School swim team, under the leadership of varsity swim and head dive Coach Michelle Romig, is looking ahead to the upcoming TCC (Tri-County) League Championships.
The event, hosted by Sierra Pacific on April 28th and April 29th, is one of the major swim meets in the valley, known for the high level of competition.
Coach Romig expressed her sentiment regarding her players’ mentality prior to the championships.
“I just want my team to do their best. It’s not about winning every race, it’s about improving on your previous time,” stated Coach Romig.
Although the team will be losing four valuable swimmers, she looks forward to the new wave of athletes seeking to improve their aquatic abilities. Alongside JV swim Coach Chrystelle Jaramillo, a Selma alumna of the class of 2016, they hope to see another increase in popularity and attract additional devoted swimmers.
The four seniors on the team include varsity members Makaira Chavez and Israel Orosco, as well as JV Tiffany Brablec and Joseph Alvarez. Each contributed essential morale to the team and helped encourage younger swimmers.
Coach Romig also expressed her gratitude to the student body and community for their continual support at home meets.
“Even though all the preparation for a meet is stressful, there is just something magical about swimming at home. Coaches, parents and students all come together to make a home meet happen, and that is special,” Coach Romig stated.
The energy in the stands is always formidable and assists in encouraging the athletes as they prepare for their upcoming events. It serves as a place where people of all walks of life are able to congregate and cheer together.
Past students, including Marcus Valdez and Brian Rios (both of whom graduated in 2022), have returned to coach as well. The advantage of having former athletes from the program is the idea students will be able to connect with them much more congenially.
Together, the team looks forward to their next season.
“My main goal for next season is to beat my best times and get in the top three in meets,” sophomore Shawn Valdez said. He also affirmed his hope the team will gain more members.
“We don’t really struggle to find members for girls, but struggle [to recruit] for guys as we didn’t have a varsity relay team this year.”
In light of this mentioning of a lack of athletes, the group wants to foster more participation through the upcoming swimmers, expected to be guided through the Abraham Lincoln Middle School program.
While swimming is often an individualized sport, in which one races alone or even against those from their own team, with the exception of relays, the overall goal is to beat your personal times and have fun while doing so.
Frequently, personal success is dependent on those one chooses to associate themselves with. This is what makes the team so strong, both independently and as a whole. Such camaraderie helps uplift and encourage each other, which is a significant attribute, as they appeal to the upcoming line of swimmers.