Bump, Set, and Succeed: Selma High Boys Volleyball


Players prepare to return the ball to the other team.

Sonia Pacheco Hernandez, Reporter

The Selma High School boys’ volleyball team ended its season on April 27th.
As the sport’s boys’ team was reintroduced to Selma High School, they started from scratch without any previous built experience. However, they didn’t allow this to hold them back but rather did their best to work with the time they got in order to progress as much as possible.
“The goal of the season is to learn, and most importantly have fun,” said Coach Perez. “As well as discipline while learning to make sacrifices and put others in front of your own needs.”
Coach Perez wanted to create energy within the team that would allow them to grow together in the best that was possible for them. Like any sport, time, effort, and dedication is needed in order to work toward something better.
“Most of us have little to no experience but as of right now we are focused on working as a team,” explained Leo Fabian. “Learning the pace and style of the game as well as being able to communicate with one another to help one another get better each day,”
The team practiced after school working on the basics then worked up from there in order to gain more experience for the games. Keeping a positive mindset was crucial for the development of the team because it gave them the ability to persevere even when games got tough.
“My mindset would be that I’m Ben Montez and I’m the best at what I’m doing, while having fun and getting able to experience a different team environment,” said senior Ben Montez.
With the help of the coach and teammates, confidence in their abilities grew, despite having been their first year together.
Having gone in with the understanding that other schools may have already built up skills from previous years, they used their time to catch up in the ways that they could, as well as perfect the skills that would help most.
“I would hope to get more people involved for next year so that our team grows as a whole and the sport becomes more popular at our school,” said Leo Fabian.
“With more people wanting to be involved in the sport, the competitiveness would also push each one of us to improve even more.”
As the season ended, the team’s senior player Antony Botros was invited to walk on and play for Simpson University in Iowa.
The team will continue to strive for further goals as they get more opportunities in upcoming seasons.