Tennis: It All Begins By Serving


Diego Macias serves the ball.

Ashley Ruiz, Reporter

Tennis can get very competitive and many people have to learn how to lose before they can win. Here at Selma High, students get to play this sport that they love. Although dedicating time to the sport is important, they also have to focus on school.
“I wanted to mention that our boy’s squad was congratulated by Dr. Pickle for having a 3.35 grade point average,” said Coach Daniel Casarez.
Casarez feels it is important to mention that his team does good in school and was even recognized for it. Working hard and being determined to do great in both school and a sport can be a great responsibility.
“I would say that I have gained some independence and responsibility. Being a student athlete means I have to juggle both school and tennis,” said Jai Binning.
Jai Binning, a senior on the tennis team, talked about how he’s been able to gain so much from playing. Although Binning learned how to manage his time from playing tennis, others can have different perspectives and leave with a different impact on them.
“I gained some great friends, and I can’t help but notice a sense of responsibility growing inside of me,” said Carlos Bravo, a sophomore on the tennis team.
Bravo also gained some responsibility. Besides the responsibility that he has gained, he also gained some good friends. Friends can be very important in life. For example, friends can be very supportive towards one another and can help build others up. Through the years, friends can make life easier in many ways.
Tennis can be a sport that can make players come together and create new bonds. Players spend more time together which creates a closer relationship between them.
“The competition. The great matches. Oh, man, it’s a pretty good feeling when you workout and apply this to the matches,” exclaimed Casarez.
This team has learned to grow together as well as play together. The way they play has really reflected the hard work each and every one of them puts into this sport. Casarez seems very proud of his team and how far they have come.
Tennis can be a new beginning for many people. When things come to an end, it can only make you think about why everything started.
“My wife played at Fresno City College. While she played, I learned of an adult tennis circuit in the Valley, so I signed up, got hooked,” stated Casarez.
Casarez started this pathway because he was influenced by his wife. Like friends, a partner can also make a huge difference and impact on many. As a coach, Casarez has been around many people. As time passes, the good in a person can be shown and realized. Life can only keep us moving into the future.
“I hope I can play in college, as a hobby or just a form of exercise,” said Bravo.
Many players can choose to keep playing this sport they have experienced. In this case Bravo hopes to continue playing in the future whether this means to help him stay busy or helping him stay fit. Binning on the other hand, hopes for a different future.
“After high school I am planning to attend UCLA and go into business,” stated Binning.
A different route will be taken by Binning even after experiencing the sport. Many players have a bright future ahead of them whether this means with or without the sport. Although a sport like tennis can be a huge responsibility, it can create many memories.