Selma High Honors Its Top 25


Palak Tohan, Co-Editor in Chief/Co-Sports Editor

April 24th, 2023 held Selma High’s annual Top 25 dinner. This is a dinner made to commemorate the top 25 students of the year’s graduating class with the highest GPA. This year’s dinner was held in the Selma High School Dining Hall, hosted by Ms. Vazquez, along with the assistance of Mr. Leal, Ms. Anguiano, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Galindo, Ms. Loving and Mrs. Garcia.
Ms. Vazquez has worked long hours along with her colleagues to put this event together. She hopes to highlight these students for their hard work, allowing teachers and students to share special stories.
“Every year that I have coordinated the Top 25 banquet I hope to make it a special and memorable event for students and their families. These students have worked diligently throughout their high school career and they deserve to be recognized. The dinner is a great way to celebrate their success,” Mrs. Vazquez shared.
Moments at events like these are fulfilling to many, leaving them with enticing memories to reminisce upon.
“It provided me with an opportunity to pause, reflect, and cherish all the work I put into reaching that point,” Rishim Jhutti noted.
Students are introduced with a speech from a teacher of their choice. Teachers can choose to introduce the student to what they plan for their further education, or either go the extra mile to write something up about memorable moments with the student.
The dinner is a highly anticipated event for all seniors participating. It is a time where students are recognized and appreciated for all of the hard work they put into their high school careers.
“Being at the event awakened me to the reality that I [will] graduate soon, but to be in the top of my class just feels much more [fulfilling],” shared Hannah Perez.
Students shared how these moments felt like reality checks, high school is coming to an end. With this chapter coming to a hasty end, another one awaits these young adults.
Attaining a place in the Top 25 is not easy. Students go through a lot, oftentimes struggling and having to go through many changes of mindsets to obtain their goals. Classes provide great challenges, with them often pushing students outside of their comfort zones. It’s revealed how there is a continuous struggle whilst traversing these higher leveled classes.
“Maintaining my GPA became more difficult this year because I’m taking 4 AP classes, whereas in the past two years I’ve only had one per year. The most difficult part was being organized with my time because these classes do require [a lot of investment],” Perez expressed.
“The most challenging aspect of maintaining my GPA was getting out of my own head and taking things one day at a time. I had a tendency to focus too much on the final outcome and overthink things,” Jhutti also shared.
Selma High worked hard to congratulate and praise the Top 25 students.

This year’s Top 25 students, along with their respective GPA, include the following:
1. Michael Cooper- 4.4286
1. Rishim Jhutti- 4.4286
3. Jai Binning- 4.3571
4. Angelica Villegas- 4.3448
5. Angel Reyes- 4.3000
6. Melina Renteria- 4.2759
7. Samantha Zarate- 4.2961
8. Lovleen Sahota- 4.2903
9. Hannah Perez- 4.3704
10. Isayra Mariscal- 4.2424
11. Julian Ruiz-4.2308
12. Manuel Mena- 4.2000
13. Nathaniel Marroquin- 4.2069
14. Michael Acosta- 4.1875
15. Melanie Estrada Velazquez- 4.1724
16. Daisy Hernandez- 4.1724
17. Jashon Dadra- 4.2414
18. Josselen Martinez Barajas- 4.1290
19. Paramraj Deol- 4.1071
20. Monzerrat Zerapio Morales- 4.0357
21. Kevin Martinez Gonzalez- 4.0400
22. Primavera Vargas Leon- 4.0313
23. Natali Serna Hernandez- 4.1154
24. Samuel Alves- 3.9643
24. Magali Perez- 3.9655
25. Daniella Rincon- 3.9655