Drama Club Presents: In the Heights


The “In the Heights” crew poses for a photo after their first show.

Dayanara Yepez Ramirez, Reporter

Selma High School’s Drama Club production of “In the Heights” had its opening night on April 28th at 7pm. Following its debut, the musical was performed on April 29th and April 30th. Presented at the Selma Arts Center, it was directed by Mrs. Nieves and provided students with something entertaining to watch.
“In the Heights” is based in Washington Heights, New York, and focuses on a tight-knit Latino community. The people are all facing immense financial difficulties and dream of a better life. However, as they face these struggles together, they come to appreciate what they already have.
“I am extremely proud of our actors. Even though I know the show inside and out, I still get the feels watching their scenes,” Mrs. Nieves commented, finally being able to see her students’ efforts come to fruition.
“The play was very fun to watch. I like musicals so I loved the songs,” expressed Alexis Viveros, a junior who went to watch the musical.
The story itself focuses on strong bonds between others, and helped create them among the cast members as well.
“The people made the experience worth a lifetime of memories,” expressed Emily Jaurez.
Jaurez played Vanessa, a fun woman who is highly regarded due to her beauty, but who ultimately just wants to get away and achieve more in life.
With the school year coming to an end, many people’s sights are already set on what to do next year. As such, Drama Club is welcoming students with open arms.
“We welcome absolutely anyone to join theatre. We have many first time performers as well as theatre lifers, and I can guarantee that you will not regret choosing to be a part of our show,” stated Mrs. Nieves.
“You meet so many new friends in theatre after spending hours together,” added junior Joanne Garza.
Joanne Garza played Nina, a Stanford student who grapples with her parent’s expectations and the overwhelming duties of being a college student.
Whether it be performing in front of audiences or helping behind the scenes, Drama Club presents an exciting opportunity for all students across campus.