The Impacts of Sports


Avnique Gill going up for a lay-up.

Avnique Gill, Reporter

Growing up I was always that one kid that played every sport she could. Whether I was in the pool or on the field, I always had a sport.
Truthfully, I haven’t always liked basketball as much as I do now. I was more interested in volleyball and never really thought about playing basketball past elementary school. However, four years later I am still playing basketball, and now it feels like my forever sport.
Basketball has brought some of my favorite people into my life. It has provided me with coaches who have helped shape the kind of person I am. It has given me opportunities to get to know people I probably would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. I have met some of my best friends through basketball which I am forever grateful for.
My team has given me some wonderful memories that I will never forget. Whether it’s the morning practices that no one wanted to go to, the conditioning tests, or the punishments we got for bad games. These memories are some that I will never forget.
Basketball has not only provided me with a work ethic in basketball but in other aspects of life as well. It has shown me that nothing will come easy to me and if I want something I have to work hard to get it. Working hard and reaching your goals makes success so much better. Having a work ethic is a great skill to develop because it is a skill that can be applied in the real world.
Playing basketball, you are put together on a team with people from different backgrounds. You learn so much about different people. It has helped me develop an appreciation for my team and other people and has made me want to know about other people’s lifestyles. Basketball has been in my life for so long and I have no idea how I am going to live life without it once it is all over. I will take all these memories, skills, and friendships basketball has provided me with, and carry them with me for the rest of my life.