Selma High Swim Team: Testing The Waters


Selma High Swim teammates smiles for a picture.

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor/Webmaster

The Selma High Swim team has become very strong both individually and as a team. This ranges from reaching personal goals, adapting to swimming with new teammates, to having a new coach. With this, they have been able to see one another flourish in and out of the water.
First year swim head coach, but eight year dive coach, Coach Michelle Romig has become a new asset to the swim team. Becoming the new swim coach has come with many challenges, but nothing she hasn’t seen before.
“There are some aspects of coaching that are the same no matter what the sport is, but there are techniques and strategies that I had to learn,” explained Coach Romig.
As a new coach with endless possibilities, comes the goal of being successful.
“My goal for the team is for everyone to improve on their previous times,” stated Coach Romig.
Coach Romig has influenced this goal onto her athletes, Makaira Chavez being one of them.
“My goals for this season are to make it to valley with my relay and maybe for an individual,” revealed senior Makaira Chavez.
Not only have these athletes come close to their goals, but their teammates have also enjoyed seeing their journeys. Many have expressed this feeling, especially with so many newcomers, it has been nice to see one another’s faces lightened with pure joy in the sport they each share in common.
“I’m excited this season to see my friends beat their times and get first in meets,” proudly stated sophomore Shawn Valdez.
“I have loved getting to know everyone, especially the coach and all the swimmers who are experiencing varsity for the first time,” expressed junior Nina Valdez.
This is just the beginning, there are still several meets ahead to conquer. This allows for each athlete to get the opportunity to achieve their individual goals.
“I’m excited for the Sunnyside Sprint meet. I really want to go all out and give it my best when that day comes,” explained senior Israel Orosco.
In doing so, Coach Romig believes that “Showing up and giving one hundred percent everyday is not easy, but it does eventually pay off.”
As the season continues, they hope to prevail their connection with their strong new found relationships.