Selma High Baseball: Swinging For Success


Nico Colado, Reporter

Selma High School’s Baseball team is currently in season. With an overall record of 3-7, the boys are determined to improve on both their skill and toughness going further.
So far, the team has faced much hardship. However, their pursuit toward their goals keeps them motivated. Whether it’s a playoff appearance or personal improvement, hard work is required to come out successful.
“My personal goal for this season is to leave it all out on the field and win a valley ring for me and my team,” shared junior Matthew Mora.
Mora is a two year varsity player, but has a life worth of experience in the sport. Love, respect, and appreciation are attributes that Mora carries with him on the field.
“I started playing baseball ever since I can hold a bat. I always had a love for the game,” expressed Mora.
Inspiration and influence are crucial factors in determining one’s success in the sport of baseball. Inspiration can come from various sources, such as iconic players, coaches, or even personal experiences. It can fuel an athlete’s drive and commitment to succeed, push them to work harder, and persevere through challenges. Influence, on the other hand, can shape an athlete’s techniques, strategies, and mindset. This can come from mentors, coaches, teammates, or even competitors. By combining inspiration and influence, athletes can develop the passion, determination, and abilities needed to succeed in the highly competitive world of baseball.
“I wanted to get into coaching because I felt that I could teach the game of baseball well and I had a passion for it. As with most things, I had an influential coach who led me towards coaching. He taught me that I could influence players to become better community members and to build life skills through the game of baseball with character and integrity traits. Thank you Coach Lewis,” shared Coach Hollet.
Having 21 years of experience as the head coach of Selma Baseball, Coach Hollet’s effort towards the team shows in every category. Times may get tough, but it isn’t an excuse to give up. The boys look forward to the rest of their season, with the end goal of making the playoffs.