Remembering Mrs. Plaza


Mrs. Plaza (middle) celebrating Día de Los Muertos with her colleagues.

Jasmeen Kaur and Judy Romero

Mrs. Plaza recently passed away. She served Selma High for around 17 years, working as a Spanish teacher, Mexican Dance instructor, and club operator. She worked relentlessly every day and eventually retired in 2020. Mrs. Plaza inspired many with her positive attitude throughout her years at Selma High School. Students and staff members still reminisce about her today.
“She had a very big heart and was always big on keeping [it] positive,” shared senior Kayla Diaz. “Her optimism shined through and spread wherever she went.”
Diaz has known Mrs. Plaza since she was nine. She has shared various sweet memories with her whether it was helping Mrs. Plaza set up her classroom during the summer or playing with her daughter. Diaz had been admired by Mrs. Plaza’s eagerness to help everyone around her.
“It’s a challenging thing to be around teens, and for her to be passionate about her work, and teach students is something admirable,” mentioned Diaz.
Maritza Velázquez, a former Selma High student, was promptly attracted to Mrs. Plaza’s open-mindedness. Velázquez felt involved in the school in some ways because of Mrs. Plaza.
“People who didn’t speak English fluently felt excluded from school activities, and we shared that with Mrs. Plaza,” stated Velázquez. “Hence, she founded the Latino Club.”
Mrs. Plaza was able to resonate quickly with her students and made sure to have her students socialize. In doing so, she inspired many students to come out of their comfort zones. Mrs. Plaza made students feel appreciative of themselves and their roots.
“Mrs. Plaza has taught us all to never forget our culture, and instead feel proud of our country of origin,” expressed Velázquez.
The optimism Mrs. Plaza has radiated throughout the years has helped many students instill hope across the campus. Despite having rough times, Mrs. Plaza proved to all that there are plenty of ways to remain positive. Her generosity and humbleness will be missed. Selma High will forever hold a place in their hearts for Mrs. Plaza.