March Madness: A Knockout Victory


Sydney Nicole Sanchez

The March Madness Tournament Winners, BBalls 2 the Wall.

As numerous university basketball teams faced off nationwide, Selma High School held a similar event. Throughout March 13th to March 17th, student teams faced off in a basketball tournament known as March Madness.
The teams, consisting of six players, battled in the tennis courts during lunch. It was a knockout tournament where whoever scored 10 points first won.
Throughout the week many students watched ecstatically as teams continued to lose and triumph.
Finally, on the Friday of that week the final two teams, BBalls 2 the Wall and Hog Squad, went head-to-head in the gym.
It was an extremely tight game, with BBalls 2 the Wall winning with a final score of 9-7.
“I really enjoyed participating,” commented Eduardo Soria, a member of the winning team.
The entire event was set up by leadership students and the committee in hopes of providing students with a positive experience.
“I wanted to allow students to have fun and make it a memorable part of their year,” shared sophomore Daviana Chavez.
However, the March Madness committee had some barriers of their own.
“My main obstacle was only allowing two varsity players per team and making sure all teams were fair for everyone,” commented Chavez.
Fortunately, their efforts didn’t go unnoticed and the tournament played spectacularly.
“I am definitely playing next year,” junior Drew Cerda challenged, “And you better expect another victory.”
Do you want your own chance at victory? March Madness will return next year, so build your skills and team and march your way to triumph.