Sweets, Treats and Gems


Dayanara’s Jewelry

Evanie Adame, Reporter

Life is What You Bake It

A junior at Selma High School, Kassandra Valdez has made great bounds in her newly established baking business. Although having been baking for as long as she could remember, Kassandra has only recently started selling. Having sold a limited amount of times starting in late January, each time had been a huge success.
“I always really liked to bake different stuff but I didn’t want to necessarily eat it and my family doesn’t really want to eat sugary stuff all the time and I want money so I just sold it.” Kassandra shared.
Fluffy muffins infused with blueberries and oranges, fresh conchas in a variety of colors, and chocolatey brownies topped with melted marshmallow are among the desserts made and sold so far. However, Kassandra plans on expanding her baked goods as her business gains traction. Open-minded, Kassandra posts polls regarding suggestions and designs for her desserts on her social media.
“My favorite thing to make right now is conchas, those are really popular.” Kassandra expressed, excited to share her love for baking.
Kassandra’s desserts are savored by all, even by those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth.
Ronni Luna, a junior at SHS, shared their experience, “I don’t like sweets, but after I tried her first muffin, I couldn’t wait to buy more.”
Sales are limited and sold on a first come, first serve basis. However, announcements are always shared on Instagram to give ample heads up. Orders can be requested through direct messaging.
Make sure to follow @kassandra_bakes on Instagram for more information.

Dulcet Delights

Have a craving for crunchy churros, creamy cheesecake, or freshly diced strawberries? How about all at the same time? Even within a community of entrepreneurs at Selma High, this delectable dessert sounds like a rarity. Luckily, sophomore Dulce Ortiz readily has the solution. Along with brownies, Dulce’s Churro Cheesecakes are an anticipated speciality with her customers.
She first began baking as a hobby, a way to cope with stresses in her life. But soon she saw an opportunity to do more.
“I sell to make a little extra cash, but I also sell because I enjoy baking. So when I bake I can sell them and see people enjoy them.” Dulce conveyed.
And people do enjoy them, the desserts selling out almost as soon as Dulce posts about new orders. The flavorsome treat isn’t the only reason why business is doing so well either, Dulce’s genuine care for her craft and customers plays a tremendous role as well.
A senior and avid customer of Dulce’s, David Valencia said, “I like how she puts all the toppings on right in front of you so it’s not soggy.”
This simple action ensures that the dessert remains delectably fresh and ready for immediate consumption upon receiving it.
Looking to the future, Dulce’s ambitions are big, “ I hope to one day sell for parties or other things.”
For now, however, she’s content with the business she’s managed to grow for herself at Selma High. If you want to pre-order her desserts and snag one of her tasty Churro Cheesecakes, follow and message her on Instagram @Dulce_treats559.

Gems to Jewels

On the lookout for custom made jewelry? Stunning necklaces, fashionable bracelets, or cute keychains? How about decorated with adorable charms and colorful beads? If yes, then junior Dayanara Yepez Ramirez has what you seek.
As an ardent jewelry enjoyer herself, Daya had a hard time finding appealing affordable products.
“I really like fashion and I would always see people wearing nice jewelry, but it would be really expensive.So I decided I could just make that jewelry myself,” said Daya.
Having only started in early January, Daya’s business has been going extremely well. With every post showcasing a new product, the items garner much attention.
“I really enjoy her product. It’s very light and really pretty, I kept getting compliments on the bracelet that I purchased from her!” Junior Alexis Viveros exclaimed, excited to share her experience, “Daya was very respectful and cooperative, she sent me pictures of what it would look like before so I could make any changes. I did have to change the sizing and she was understanding and fixed it the next day.” she continued.
With a burst of enthusiasm, Alexis ended with, “BUY FROM DAYA.”
Along with jewelry, Daya is looking to expand her business with another hand-made item, crochet.
“I’m looking to sell crochet things too since I recently got into that.” Daya explained.
Information regarding customizations, requests, and general info can be found on @narigems on Instagram. Posts detail the price, size and availability of each item. Resizing of bracelets and necklaces can be easily done if requested, make sure to message her if needed. Follow @narigems on Instagram for more information.