Ask Klarissa

Klarissa, Reporter

Q: Waffles, pancakes, or French Toast?
A: WAFFLES ALL THE WAY!! Don’t get me wrong, pancakes are great, and so is french toast but with waffles you can literally fill each individual square with syrup. It’s great.

Q: Is cereal soup?
A: Guys…what? These questions are getting out of hand. These types of questions make me wonder if I should just reveal myself already so I don’t have to deal with you all. But, no cereal is not soup.

Q: Do you like Harry Styles?
A: I’m actually so scared for my safety right now. Harry fans are so scary. They’d probably reveal me before I even answer this question. (That I’m not answering. I choose life.)

Q: Do you have a bae? If so, who and what grade are they in??
A: Sorry guys, I don’t reveal my relationship status because then you guys would ask me for relationship advice and I barely have a good relationship with myself. #selflove #dontaskklarissaforrelationshipadvicebecauseshesucks

Q: Do you believe in soulmates or not?
A: Yes. I do. Me and Ryan Reynolds are doing just fine, thank you.

Q: What’s a good height for a guy?
A: Anything above 5’10, anything shorter is babygirl height status.