Selma High Boys Tennis: Swinging for Victory

Nico Colado, Reporter

Selma High boys’ tennis have started off their season. With plenty of matches ahead before playoffs, the boys are looking forward to improving.
Boys’ tennis started practicing in January, with practices taking place after school every weekday. Balancing school work and practice has been a difficulty that affects both the coaches and players.
“We struggle for practice time. Yes, we practice after school, everyday, but these are student-athletes. Meaning they have homework, personal time and rest, and family,” shared Coach Casarez.
Casarez has been coaching for twelve years, three of them being with Selma High. Passion and admiration for the sport are traits that he carries everyday.
“I love the competition, the training and the strategies. In our huddle moment before the match, I say to have fun,” Coach Casarez stated.
Tennis is a competitive sport that requires multiple different skills. For instance, speed and quick instincts are skills that every tennis player works to improve on. The game consists of either two or four players on the court, striking balls over a net stretched across the court.
Although a high school team, Selma High Boys Tennis experience different levels of competition.
“Selma High excelled in softball, wrestling, and tennis. We hosted 73 adults in our adult tennis tournament in September, so I added a second tournament for adults in March. Some of our boys and girls will compete against adults,” Coach Casarez shared.
One of those boys, senior Adam Lanas, appreciates what the sport has done for him and looks forward to their season.
“I’m excited for our performance. I think we’re going to make it far this season since we still have half the team who made the playoffs last year,” Lanas said.
Of course, hard work and dedication are required for desired results. However, that is no issue for senior Rishim Jhutti. Through hardship and complications, Jhutti looks forward to overcoming the challenges.
“[My biggest challenge] has been adapting to a new doubles partner. Last years was a senior so now without him I’m trying to learn with my new partner and it’s going pretty good so far,” Jhutti stated.
“So far we’re doing really good in the season and I think we can go really far!”
With the majority of the season yet to come, the boys are continuing to prepare and work hard in hopes of a successful play off run.