Selma High Track: More than Just Running


Freshman Iassac Espino running during practice.

Donna Rubio, Reporter

Selma High School’s Track and Field team are getting ready for their season to begin. Marking the beginning of their season was the Central Valley Relays at Dinuba that was held on February 25. Some of the events that track and field consists of are shot put, relays, running, long jump, and high jump. Different coaches are assigned to each event so that the practice time is maximized.
With a myriad of events to choose from, members of the team are placed in events of their liking, but the coaches try to encourage them to try other events as well.
“Not only do we want to have the athletes go into events of their choice that they excel in, but we also want to see if we can find athletes who excel in other events,” commented Coach Harshaw. “I think that each of our athletes not only can be a jumper, we don’t want to put them in a box, so if you’re a jumper you can also run.”
This year practices started on January 23rd. They’ve been held from 3:45 p.m. to 5:10 p.m. everyday after school since then.
“I have been preparing for this track season by practicing for my events and also my block starts,” stated freshman Iassac Espino. Espino is a part of the 100m, 200m, and 4×400 events.
Junior Caleb Contreras is part of the 100m, 200m, 400m, and 4×1 events. The way he prepares for the track season is by conditioning during the preseason. Once the regular season begins he puts himself to the test. Even with all the practice he puts into the sport, he still faces challenges.
“I would have to say that the most challenging part would be trying to push yourself when you’re out of energy,” said Contreras.
Despite the constant challenges that members from the track team face, they find ways to continue to do their best.
“Something that I do to keep myself motivated is simply just thinking of what I can achieve by doing my best in track,” added Espino.
The coaches also take part in the team’s positive mindset.
“[I] always tell them that it’s about effort and hard work and everything else will come. So as long as you commit yourself to the program, you can make yourself to the training that we’re going to do you will have success,” communicated Coach Harshaw.
In addition to words of encouragement from Coach Harshaw, Coach Weiman also encourages them by pushing them to do their best.
“You work on the fundamentals, and as they learn more things then you’re able to give them good feedback because of the incremental steps that you teach them,” said Coach Weiman. “Then when they do it you give them praise because they want to hear that they’re doing it right, and they are going to see their result.”
The communication between a coach and a team member is vital, but so is the communication between the coaches. Coach Harshaw communicated that even if the coach doesn’t necessarily practice a certain event, the coaches talk amongst themselves on the performance of the team members.
With the determination and positive energy that the team as a whole have, they are preparing for a successful track season.