Selma High Boys Basketball: Proud Despite Playoff Loss


Nick Esparza shooting for points

Nathaniel Marroquin, Reporter

On February 15, Selma High’s Boys Basketball team played against Central High School for the playoffs. The team played hard but came out short with a final score of 56-68, leaving behind a 20-6 season. Despite losing, the team is proud of what they accomplished throughout a months-long season.
“It was unfortunate that we lost but everyone had fun playing with each other and everyone improved greatly throughout the season. It would have been nice to make it further and the kids’ competitiveness makes them a little upset but overall, we’re proud of our accomplishments this season,” Coach Vargas, the team’s head coach, said about the season.
Throughout the season, the team had to contend with difficulties like injuries and their competitors, who were often unpredictable.
“To me, all the teams we played we were better then but we were held back by our heights in comparison to them,” junior Roshan Dail explained.
In spite of any potential grievances or wishing for a different outcome, the team is at peace with their season.
“I think our season was well. We were a hard working team that put countless hours of work in. Unfortunately we fell short but our season was still a good one. Only losing 6 games is a huge accomplishment. We made a run at something we feel we should’ve gone farther in. It was a great season all around,” senior Nick Esparza said about his last season.
Though disappointed, the team is preparing themselves for next season already.
“I’m going to play again next year, and I’m ready for the next season but it all begins with the off-season,” Dail shared passionately.