Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Jasmeen Kaur, Reporter

As Valentine’s day is coming around the corner, it’s expected that you buy your valentine a gift. You may feel perplexed to buy something you hope they would cherish and reminisce about forever. There is still time to buy or create your sweetheart a heartwarming gift and here are some suggestions to make the day special.

For Her

1. Candy- Chocolate/ Sour candy
2. Bouquet- Flowers/ Roses/ Lego Flowers
3. Stuffed animals- Teddy bears/ Plushies
4. Candles- Vanilla/ Fruit/ Lavender
5. Jewelry- Necklaces/ Bracelets/ Rings
6. Personalized Card
7. Journals/ Books
8. Make up- Lip Gloss/ Mascara/ Lashes
9. Perfume/ Scented Lotions- Coconut/ Floral/ Vanilla
10.Photo frame

For Him

1. Bluetooth Speaker
2. Fragrance/Cologne
3. Wallet
4. Wrist Watch
5. Stainless Steel Tumbler/ Blender Bottle
6. Candy- Chocolates/ Sour Candy
7. Custom Keychain
8. Personalized card
9. Jewelry- Chain/ Earrings
10.Leather Good- Bracelets/ Journals/ Pouch