Diving Into The New Season


Selma High swimmers practicing after school.

Aneka Zamora, Reporter

With the Selma High Swim season about to begin, there is much excitement between Coach Romig and the team. With a new addition to the swim team, Coach Romig is looking forward to much this coming season.
“This is my first year coaching swim in addition to dive. Our team is young, but we have a lot of potential,” stated Coach Romig.
Coach Romig has already set goals for herself and her swimmers in hopes that they will all try to achieve. With this year being Coach Romig’s first year she hopes to achieve the ability to balance both coaching and quality time with her family. She hopes for her swimmers to be able to push themselves everyday to their best and always stay working hard.
“Swim teaches you perseverance. It isn’t always easy, sometimes you fail,” said Coach Romig.
Being able to overcome an obstacle isn’t always easy and with that you do see failure. However, constantly pushing through failure and striving to do your best allows swimmers to achieve their goals. Swimming has the impact of allowing athletes to fail and know that it’s okay to.
“We’re a young team with a lot of potential. We aren’t afraid to work hard,” stated Coach Romig.
With obstacles to overcome in swimming, junior Nina Valdez has explained how adjusting to new things in the program, such as new coaches, has been an adjustment for everybody, but like any obstacle they are sure to overcome it. Some ways Nina pushes herself in the sport individually is to think of her overall goal.
“I love setting goals for swim and trying to accomplish them. The end goal of the season is swimming at league, valley, and to achieve my best times,” stated Nina Valdez.
Being able to be a part of something at school and pushing through the hardest days is one of the many reasons why Nina loves to swim.
“From swim I’ve learned that your motivation has to come from you. I think I find the most joy and success when I want to do good simply for myself,” stated Nina Valdez.
Coach Romig has believed that the biggest lesson swimming has is to never stop trying to be better than you were the day before. Coaching has been so enjoyable for Coach Romig, since it allows her to watch athletes improve more and more on a daily basis. With seeing them improve she enjoys viewing not just in the pool, but also outside of the pool.
“It’s rewarding to see them achieve their goals.” stated Coach Romig.