Ruling On the Court: Boys’ Basketball


Javon Hicks

Taneisha Martinez, Reporter

Selma High’s Boys’ Basketball team has had an all-around good season so far. With a current record of 16-5, their most recent win against Chavez (Delano) 71-58.
The boy’s basketball head coach, Coach Vargas, has been instructing at Selma High for ten years, having been the varsity head coach for half his career.
He has a powerful commitment to the game and pushes his students to become not only sounder players but overall better people.
“Some of the core values that I have as a coach are to make sure the boys are disciplined and have accountability,” said Coach Vargas.
“Just to be better not only as players but as people all around.”
Besides basketball, Vargas has numerous aptitudes to teach his team.
“I really want to coach my guys to become great young men and learn values on how to succeed in life,” Vargas said.
His instructions appear to have been enhancing the players’ confidence.
“I think that this year I have improved my confidence and willingness to shoot more shots this season,” said junior Luke Machnik.
Machnik is a point guard otherwise known as a shooting guard. He has accomplished numerous achievements, including receiving the most inspirational player award.
“The moment that I’m most proud of myself was when I had 27 points in two of the four games that took place in the Dinuba tournament,” said Machnik.
Compared to others, the team is undermanned, holding only eleven players. However, they make up for it with their speed and athleticism alike.
Despite losing recently against Hanford West, their morale and enthusiasm remain vigorous.
“We are doing ok, still a long way to go, but the boys are playing hard and giving max effort,” stated Coach Vargas.
“The biggest issue that we face today is being healthy so we can make a run in the playoffs.”
The team has delivered great performances, having held great matches and remarkable achievements.
“A high point this season was the team rallying and making it to the championship game in the Atascadero tournament,” Machnik said.
Basketball demands intense collaboration, synergy, collegiality, and unity. Something the boy’s basketball team doesn’t lack. They have a remarkable partnership.
“Overall we are having a really good season and we have great chemistry and are like a family.” stated Machnik.
The boy’s basketball team aims for triumph. Hoping to achieve victory in the league and ultimately push through to the valley championship games.
“We just want to continue to get better every day and make a run in the playoffs,” Coach Vargas added.