It’s Hooping Season!

Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

Selma High’s Varsity Basketball team is looking optimistic and charismatic for what is to come this season. The girls recently beat their all-time rivals, Kingsburg, with a tight score of 42-40. With this win, the girls have gained more confidence and hope to continue coming back stronger than ever.
A big thing to consider is that confidence plays a big role in the girls’ mindset and overall game performance. They have to be able to keep a tough mentality going into every game.
“It’s difficult having your off games…It definitely drains you,” admitted junior Reanna Garcia.
Reanna plays a variety of positions, such as both point and shooting guard.
As a way to help build up the girls confidence, coaches incorporate daily quotes to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as their motives and intentions.
Practices for the girls are much more intense than games. That way, the girls are able to take on game-like situations. They have the team split and compete in different drills. In every practice they like to have an objective, an area of focus.
In preparation for games, the average game day consists of looking over plays, having a shoot around, and warming up.
“Our typical game day just really revolves around our high energy, music and overall getting everyone loose and prepared,” said new varsity basketball coach, Brianna Alvarez.
Although Alvarez is new to the team, she is not new to the court. Alvarez admits that after college she wanted nothing more than to stay close with the game she loves most.
“It’s such a dream come true being able to coach and be around basketball every single day,” Coach Alvarez explained.
She hopes her love for the game will show and therefore reflect on the girls and have them share that love for the game together.
As every team has it, not everything is wins and fun quotes for the girls. They also believe that as a team, they have a lot to work on.
“I hope we work on our communication. Being on the same page when it comes to game time. We think differently or don’t communicate as much in the game,” said Chantel Rodrigeuz, a junior who plays center. Although the shortcomings the team has can be achieved by one person, the team hopes to do this not only as teammates, but as a family.
Their love for the sport immediately takes action in their motivation for practices, games, and their overall performance and connections with each other.
“I get to go through the highs and lows with my teammates and we’ve all built a strong relationship with each other,” expressed Isha Panu, a junior who plays forward.
Overall, Selma High’s Girls Basketball team hopes to improve in areas they don’t already dominate on the court. The girls hope for a smooth season filled with lots of wins.