Selma High Formal: A Night In Old Hollywood


Nico Colado, Reporter

Selma High School recently had its Formal Dance on December 10th. Taking place in the school dining hall, Selma High students dressed up and gathered for a night full of fun.
With the theme of the night being Old Hollywood, the class of 2025 decorated with red carpets, shimmering lights, and neat tables. As you walked in, dim lighting partnered with loud music created an eye-pleasing event. Besides the lavish looks, a food truck was also provided outside which allowed students to take a break from dancing.
“The DJ was really good,” junior Matthew Garza shared.“They played a lot of music you can dance to and overall it was a really great experience.”
Like Garza, many students were dancing throughout the whole event. However, school-wide participation is still an issue.
“More students should participate in school dances because it’s a very fun social event,” junior Alyssa Vasquez stated. “Especially getting that high school experience with your friends. It’s fun to get ready and share stories after.
The gates opened at 6:30 pm and closed at 8:00 pm, however the dance lasted till 10:00 pm.
Throughout the night, Selma High students made memories.
“[One thing] I enjoyed most about Formal [was] seeing all the students dressed up nice and fancy. It was also really fun dancing with everybody,” Vasquez shared.
Selma High’s next school dance is Sadies taking place on February 4th.