Finding Motivation to Shape Your Life


Carlos Bravo, Selma High Sophomore

Michael Casarez, Reporter/Photo Editor

Everyone at some point in their lives needs a reliable source of motivation. It’s nearly impossible to remain hopeful all the time, yet it cannot be done alone. Carlos Bravo, a Selma High School sophomore, is a paragon of these examples. His grandpa, Victor Leyva, serves as a moral compass for all.
“The person who has impacted me most is my grandad. His view on topics such as optimism and the true meaning of living a fruitful life is what drives me today,” Carlos stated. This also supports the belief that humans can only do so much on their own, until they reach a point of personal growth that cannot be enhanced further without extrinsic help. However, the beauty comes when one is not aware of the inspiration they are granting others. “His unintentional, philosophical perspectives give me motivation.”
Unfortunately, many do not immediately acknowledge or even fathom the benefits of truly understanding the intentions of life experiences or encounters, despite the fact they are occasionally obscure.
“Around age ten is when I really began to notice the meaning behind the stories and the lessons behind his experiences. Until then, I always heard them, but now I truly listen.”
Carlos’ recollection can empathize with numerous, since it is not uncommon to unknowingly have a long-lasting effect on others, whether it be through valiant acts of kindness or simple words of encouragement during times of duress.
Often people remember these experiences and realize the impact it had on their success, which is honorable and commendable. Furthermore, Mr. Leyva’s influence holds true to Carlos.
“There is absolutely no way I would have done half of what I’ve done without him. He’s a massive help and my biggest inspiration,” he commented.
Occasions such as these are rare, and occur in special moments.
“No moment could contend with a teaching from him.”
The type of person we strive to be is one who has a similar positive impact on others, which is harder than one would expect.
“I doubt I’ve influenced anyone the way he has. His influences are deep but unintentional,” Carlos stated. Although the anticipation of not knowing if you have influenced anyone in a positive way can be worrisome, it’s significant that you continue to strive to be compassionate, and comprehend that it can take time for them to acknowledge your effect. This could be a negative or positive encounter, which can be confusing for one to decipher without directly asking. However, it is appreciated when one mentions it blatantly.
“The times with him are always positive.”
We never can be too sure of what others may think of us, which drives our insecurity and worries. An incredible amount of people can become alarmed to the point they maintain an unhealthy self – infatuation which – ironically – leads to detest from others. However, sometimes the most meaningful of moments come during unlikely circumstances. It’s these people and sentiments that we hold dear as we age.