Missing Christmas

Nathaniel Marroquin, Reporter

Christmas is now past us and all I that I can say about it is that I kind of miss it.
There’s something special to the Christmas atmosphere. The trees, the lights, the songs, regardless of how much some of them get overplayed. Christmas lights, regardless of color, always look bright and warm. I could spend hours just looking at them, but there’s no reason to keep them up now that Christmas is over unless you get really lazy or forgot you put them up.
Our tree came down just a few days after Christmas was over. For a week or so, nothing seemed different in my living room until one day I finally processed its absence and all I could do was think about how much I took it for granted.
I think it says a lot about Christmas as a whole that I didn’t notice the Christmas tree being gone for that long. Few other holidays don’t alter my mood as much as Christmas does. Christmas has so much associated with its atmosphere through symbols like trees, lights, and the songs that I am able to live with them and feel that Christmas is here even when I’m not thinking about the holiday because of how ingrained they are in my mind.
This specialness is part of the reason why, even though I miss it and like it a lot, I am okay with it passing away from me. If Christmas was always forced to be on my mind and I always had to look at Christmas trees then they would lose its magic. I love Christmas but removing its magic by forcing it upon us all the time won’t make anybody happy, especially those who happen to not like the holiday, which is why I am content with waiting 11 months for Christmas to be here again and to be able to enjoy it again.
I hope you were able to find some enjoyment with the holiday too.