Flavor of the Month: The Coolest Peppermint

Celeste Mariscal and Lovleen Sahota

Celeste Mariscal

Baskin Robbins brings the taste of winter into life with the flavor of peppermint ice cream. It adds an even more coolness with pieces of peppermint candy. It definitely had a similar taste to the infamous flavor as a candy cane. I am not one that likes a crunch to my ice cream so I would have preferred it without the candy involved. The setting it brings to mind is ice skating, feeling the fresh cold air around you while enjoying the laughter and smiles. It had a nice combination of a sweet and minty taste. I would recommend it as a 7/10.

Lovleen Sahota

Here’s the scoop: This month’s flavor felt like drinking water while having gum in your mouth. Holiday magic is in the air with orchids, roses, Gerbera daisies and — surprise! — candy canes. December’s Flavor of the Month, Peppermint, will bring the holiday spirit out of anyone. This scoop is a cool reminder that some flavors are simply just timeless. I definitely enjoyed every single spoonful of this scoop! I rate this flavor a solid 9/10.