Kickoff to a Promising Soccer Season


The girls varsity soccer team huddles in as a group.

Palak Tohan, Co-Editor in Chief/Co-Sports Editor

The Selma High Girls’ soccer team has kicked off to a fresh, new season. Only one month into the sport, the girls have already faced one tournament, being able to capture third place. Their most prominent goals are to sustain pride and strength, and build up skill.
Coach Zamora notes a talented, coachable, and passionate group of girls that are here to participate and put forth their best.
“My biggest goal for this season is to improve every game, win our league, and make a run in the playoffs,” Coach Zamora explains.
Coach Zamora lists off some strengths that he has taken note of for this year already. He explains the depth of the roster.
“Anyone of the girls on the team can step on the field and the team would not suffer because of it. We have girls that are versatile and can play multiple positions which is always helpful for our coaching staff,” Coach Zamora explains passionately.
One of these new versatile players is Giselle Gonzalez, a freshman. She is playing as the new goalkeeper for the season and has been playing since childhood.
She cares to put her thoughts out and explain the importance of building friendships within the team itself.
“I’m looking forward to having a great bond with my team and sharing memories with them,” Gonzalez shares.
Another player on the team is Samantha Zarate, a senior who has been playing since fifth grade, explains what she is most excited about for this upcoming season.
“I’m really looking forward to senior night…[it’s exciting] to finally have a day to celebrate all the dedication it took… And, as cliche as it sounds, I like winning. Being able to put in the work and take home a win really makes all the effort worth it,” Zarate shares.
Zarate and Gonzalez both agree on the best parts of soccer, companionship. It is getting to work as a team, as the years go by there are new girls they’re able to meet and form new friendships with, inevitably allowing them to grow stronger as a whole.
On another note, there are some lines of improvement to act on.
“As a team, and individually, I’m working on defending. It’s a vital part of being able to win more games. We’re also trying to work on our communication in order to work better as a team,” Zarate reveals.
If a problem is noted, the coaching staff makes sure to communicate daily with players to allow them to put forth their best foot. It is made sure to come up with a practice session to address the issues, and then from there to utilize the practice time to implement the solution to problems.
One struggle most girls are witnessing is receiving a lack of good sportsmanship. The Selma High Girls’s soccer team encourages and shows great sportsmanship towards opposing teams, however not everyone agrees with that motive.
“I dislike the attitude of most opponents,” Gonzalez shares.
In the past, opposing teams have shared physical confrontations which have led to unpleasant outcomes. Due to this, it is very important for the girls to maintain a positive and open mindset. “We want our girls to have integrity by respecting what decisions coaches may make, what calls referees make, and demonstrating conduct that is honest and ethical.” Coach Zamora shares.
He continues to share that it is also noted for the girls to stay positive. It is understood that mistakes will be made during games and practice, and they will be hit with adversity. However, it is key to be positive, keep their heads up and continue to move forward as a team.
The team shares an undying love for the game, ultimately bringing coaches and players together. The girls and their coach have an incredible, resilient mindset this season, opening possibilities for a resolution of betterment within themselves and to pursue their foreseen goals within the future.