Girls’ Basketball: Dribble To Improve


Freshman Isabella Gonzalez going up for a lay-up

Yarektzy Navarro, Reporter

A new sports season also means the beginning of a path for many of the Selma High School sports teams. One in particular, the Selma High School girls basketball team, has begun the beginning of their basketball season.
The team had a scrimmage against the Fowler Redcats on November 8th. This commenced the journey of a long season for the girls, where they hope for good outcomes..
“The beginning of the season is a learning curve for every program,” explains Coach Alvarez.
Coach Alvarez has much experience in the sport of basketball. Due to this, she knows that the girls might be having a rocky beginning but believes that it is where they learn to improve and grow.
Coach Alvarez believes that there has been major improvement as the season goes on.
However, there are some of the obstacles from the start of the winter season. Many of the players have been getting sick from the flu.
“I think the biggest problem is that most of the players are catching the flu, so many are not able to go to practice,” commented Coach Alvarez.
The players have also been working hard to train and prepare while the season begins.
“Having to wake up early in the morning for practice is such a hassle plus afterschool we have practice as well. It might be exhausting but we know this is going to be worth it in the end,” sophomore Avnique Gill explained
Having long practices and few games, the girls have set goals for themselves to exceed to the limit.They devote themselves to the practices because although it takes a portion of their time, the fruits of their effort will be good.
“Something that motivates me to be more confident in my game in order to be successful is my coaches and teammates. They encourage me to keep trying my best and work as hard as I can,” explained Kennedi Carasco.
Although it’s the beginning of the season for the girls, they are in hopes of a successful journey.