Boys’ Soccer Kicks Off The Season


Ashley Ruiz, Reporter

Selma High boys’ soccer is off to a great start this season with their current standing of 3-1. So far they’ve played against Dinuba, Fowler, Kingsburg, and Madera. The team has been successful so far and this is only the beginning.
All success has been achieved through the help of their Coach Ruben Zamora. Zamora has coached the boys for over ten years. Soccer can really call anyones attention, but Zamora specifically started coaching because of his perspective. His view overall on soccer made him continue and strive.
“Love and passion for the game but most importantly to give every kid a chance to become a better version of themselves,” Zamora said.
Thanks to Zamora’s positive outlook he sees a lot of potential within the team. He believes every one of his players is worthy.
“Every player we have knows they’re very important to the team, that means they have to keep working hard each and every day,” Zamora stated.
Although a lot of effort comes from the coach, the players also need to play their part. “Something I’m working on is managing my time between school and soccer,” senior Angelberto Segovia stated.
School can already be a handful but this needs to be balanced with practices going from 6-8:30 p.m. every weekday. Coach Zamora has a vision for him and his team. He works really hard in order to advance and keep moving forward. Full effort and dedication from everybody will really help achieve success much quicker.
“I’m looking forward to making this a fun season for our team and achieving our goals by scoring goals! We have a really good team,” exclaimed Zamora.
It is important to work hard but enjoying what you’re doing and having fun can also be a key factor. This comes along with the players and them enjoying what they are doing.
“What I like about soccer is that you are a part of more than just a team,. You are a part of a family,” exclaimed Segovia.
Over time, memories can be created which can leave players feeling impacted over time. This can mean them exiting this with a different perspective or even feeling impacted for long periods of time.
“I like being part of something that can change someone’s life forever, the memories you create on the field with your teammates are some that you’ll carry for the rest of your life,” said Zamora.
Coach Zamora works to create a fun environment for his team while still being consistent. He expects full effort from everyone. This means the players have to give it their all.
“Something I’m working on would probably be my technique and my condition,” stated Edgar Ruiz, a sophomore at Selma High.
Many players struggle with different things but what matters most is how much effort they are willing to put into the sport. The effort they put in as a team will later pay off. The outcome of their effort put into soccer will feel all great in the end.
“We hope to win the Lemoore Tournament and make a good run in the playoffs,” said Zamora.
The team works towards their goals, like Zamora said, to win the Lemoore Tournament and have a chance to play during playoffs. There are many things to work towards as a team.
“Something I’m looking forward to is winning the valley championship,” stated Ruiz.
Both the coach and players are looking forward to a positive future and working as a team to achieve success.