The End But Not the Last For Field Show


Celeste Mariscal, Feature Editor/Copy Editor

On November 19, the final run of the Selma Black Bear Brigade show “Sea of Deception” was performed at the Western Band Association Grand Championship in Ontario, California. The season has come to an end filled with the memories, dedication, and hard work. It would all work in favor to improve for the moment of the last one.
The “Sea of Deception” was created to present a story to capture the audience. The show was based on sailors who seek adventure. However, they don’t realize the beauty of sirens lead them into danger. It even familiarized the audience by presenting a modern song from Billie Eilish to create the connection and dramatic sense of the scene.
“I thought the show of the season was amazing and very well written. I was finally starting to really fall in love with the show. Performing it for the last time was sad, but I am so happy where it was able to go this year,” stated Drum Captain, Brendan Rodela.
The season was successful as they placed first in their local competitions. In the WBA Regional Championships at Kingsburg on November 12, they had the score of 76, placing second, and leading toward the WBA Grand Championships.
The band placed 10th out of 14 schools in their division as 2A with the score of 78.4; being the highest score throughout their entire season.
“The placement didn’t affect my feelings [nor] the way I played because I know [that] at the end of the day I played the best I could have, and [it] was the greatest performance for everyone. It was definitely worth it being the last one to complete as my last year,” expressed senior Christian Macias.
It was a closure of the show for the seniors who enjoyed performing on the field. The amount of hard work through the hours of rehearsal created a bond with each other that has become memorable. “We have these competitions to improve for the next one and as the last one being a big trip it was beyond just the competition. It was a trip to enjoy and have fun with my friends around me knowing we would come back home with memories I couldn’t forget,” stated front ensemble section leader, and senior, Primavera Vargas.
“Sea of Deception” was brought to life by the sound of the band and left its last print at Ontario.
The season of the Selma Black Bear Brigade for field show has come to an end, however, it doesn’t stop there for the band. Winter Percussion is coming with an entrance to the Winter Season.