College Field Trip and Dress Up Week: Avidly Promoting College


Students at CSU Monterey Bay.

Dayanara Yepez Ramirez, Reporter

On November 10th the AVID program provided students with a field trip to visit UC Santa Cruz and CSU Monterey Bay. Along with hosting a college themed dress up week throughout the days of November 14th and November 18th, it continued to encourage students to thrive academically.
A primary goal of AVID is to make sure their students are college ready. With this comes not only being ready for the heavy burdens of school work, but also knowing which college you want to attend. Luckily, the Selma High School AVID teachers recognize how important deciding which university you want to go to is.
“I believe it is important to step foot on as many college campuses as possible before you make a decision of where to go,” reasoned Mrs. Manter, the current junior AVID teacher. “My goal is to have our AVID students personally experience the differences of each campus we visit so that they can feel what college is right for them.”
A large number of AVID students took part in this field trip, a lot of them hoping to find a college that would be suitable for them. Fortunately some students did find the colleges to be to their tastes.
“I really liked UC Santa Cruz. Something about the campus and the people just made my eyes spark,” stated Daisy Hernandez, a junior AVID student.
However, the field trip wasn’t just limited to AVID students. It became open to all Selma High School students as the date grew nearer. With this, the program helped other students find the possible college of their dreams.
“The AVID trip was definitely beneficial. I want to go to UC Santa Cruz. The campus is very beautiful and I am interested in studying Psychology there,” expressed Alexis Viveros.
Following the successful AVID field trip, the program organized a week to motivate students to try hard to get into college. Each day of the week, starting from November 14th, had a theme connected to college: Pajama Day, Sports Day, Career Day, College Gear, and SHS Spirit Wear.
With this project, the AVID teachers had a few goals in mind.
“The goal was to provide a fun way to think about college, future careers, and dreams we want for ourselves. It is important to live in the now, but it is equally important to think about what you want your future to look like so you have something to work towards,” explained Mrs. Manter.
Ultimately, it was successful in getting students to consider college. Some are even now considering joining the AVID program.
“I enjoyed the dress up days. It made me more interested in the program because it showed me how helpful it can be,” stated Karissa Valdez.
Overall, the AVID teachers were very delighted with the outcome.
“I am very glad that the AVID program did this. The SHS AVID program has been wanting to be a part of a lot more on campus and I think this is a step in the right direction,” articulated Mr. Alvarez, the current sophomore AVID teacher.
The AVID teachers hope to continue providing students with opportunities just like these. They deeply prompt anybody who is determined to go to college and needs a few guiding steps to join the program.