Selma Choirs Celebrate Stories of Our Past


SHS Combined Choir performing “Winter’s Path”

Nathaniel Marroquin, Reporter/Photo Editor

On December 7, the ALMS and Selma High choirs performed together for their Winter Choir Concert.
Their program, Stories of our Past, consists of a display of a variety of pieces in celebration of the Winter holiday season such as “Sleigh Ride” and “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.
Choir at Selma High has been affected severely since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Last year there was no choir program at Selma High for the first time in a long time. The program is once again in its infancy and has to make its way back to what it was before the lockdowns. Despite the difficulties, the returning program has been fun for a lot of students.
“My favorite thing about choir is the people. The classroom always feels welcoming and is a great way to start my morning,” senior Brianna Silva said.
Others find the atmosphere surrounding the program to be familial.
“I like that you get to meet new people that you’ve never met before and how you get to open up and have a great time,” senior Daniella Diaz-Lopez said.
Despite the fun, there is pressure for the students to perform their very best.
“Choir has been nerve wracking and full of excitement but it is still a great activity to be a part of,” Diaz-Lopez added.
The Selma High Choir will be having their End of the Year Concert on May 17 of next year and is set to have their All District Songfest sometime next year as well.