Nathalia Guerra Shares Her Thanksgiving Experience


Nathalia Guerra, Junior

Michael Casarez, Reporter/Photo Editor

The United States is a diverse nation, consisting of many different races, ethnicities and religious beliefs. In relation, individuals have the right to celebrate this time of year in their respective manners. Selma, California includes many Latino families that tie to Latin American nations.
“The city of Colima is where my mom was raised, and the city of Tepalcatepec is where my dad grew up,” said Nathalia Guerra, a junior at Selma High. She provided information regarding the food and traditions of her family.
“My family does prepare turkey. This year we stuffed it with veggies and seasoned it with rosemary from our backyard.”
Many families choose to prepare the primeval custom of turkey and stuffing, however the holiday is arguably more about gathering people together and honoring all we are thankful for, much like the original Thanksgiving feast that took place in 1621. Governor William Bradford arranged for pilgrims from the Mayflower to eat and talk with the indigenous Wampanoag tribe. The feast was intended to celebrate the colonists’ first autumn harvest, which was attained with help from the Native Americans. Although this event occurred in the pilgrims’ Plymouth Colony within Massachusetts, it has now become a widespread tradition throughout the United States and countries formerly under its influence, such as Grenada, Saint Lucia and Liberia.
The holiday is commonly used as a gathering place for family members and friends, in which others are invited to eat and talk.
“Normally for relatives, it’s my mom’s sister and her family, including her sister’s husband, two sons and cousins,” she added. Nathalia also mentioned her appreciation for the holiday because of its aspect of bringing loved ones together. It has long since been an American tradition, and although her parents did not celebrate Thanksgiving while in Mexico, it has become a normal occurrence.
The first sign of a formal designation for Thanksgiving was from President George Washington on November 26, 1789, however the date changed sporadically. President Abraham Lincoln began to exhort American citizens to commemorate the last Thursday of November as the appropriate date in 1863. Following this, Congress proclaimed legislation designating Thanksgiving and numerous other holidays with suitable annual dates.
To this day, it is widely regarded amongst Americans as a significant day with the special intention of remembering all we are thankful for.
“I am grateful for my great family and friends,” Nathalia stated. Individuals are permitted to commemorate the day in their respective ways, allowing for individualism regarding familial customs. However, a common choice is to give thanks for one’s privileges and honors, whether it be educational, religious, secular or other fields one holds in high regard.
Thanksgiving day is a widely celebrated custom throughout the United States and nations formerly under American sway. It includes many early traditions, but it is transformed to new ways of commemoration. Each individual has the right to their respective value of Thanksgiving, and has the ability to celebrate in accordance with their beliefs.