Obstacles Follow Success for XCountry Team

Sonia Pacheco, Reporter

As the fall sports season comes to an end, Selma High’s Cross Country also sees the ending of their season. With the time devoted by the students and the coach, overall growth was one of the valuable aspects found throughout the season.
The team faced many ups and downs, one being the struggle to find enough runners for their team. Alongside this, grades made it difficult to keep their roster. This made it a tough start to the season, but as they overcame it success was found.
Despite the obstacles that they had to face throughout this season, the team still achieved much success and performed well overall.
Out of the many entries that the team had, one of the most recent ones in which the entire team placed was the Oak Trail Run. All of their runners got medals and placed high among the several other runners from different teams.
“Many of our runners placed in the top 15 and it just shows how everyone has grown altogether, this was a really positive experience for the team,” said Coach Henson.
For Coach Henson, this great turnout reflected the capability of the team throughout everything during the season.
Not only did Coach Henson see this growth, but so did the team members.
”This season was memorable to me because I was able to achieve my running time goals I set for myself and even got medals multiple times,” said junior Jasmine Godinez.
The season gave her the opportunity to learn what she was capable of and grow as a runner.
However, growth was not the only thing that team saw. Positivity among their teammates helped each other throughout the meets.
“Something I’ll miss as the season comes to an end is spending time with my teammates because they have supported me throughout my good and not so good races, “ stated Godinez.
Support plays a major part in keeping yourself going no matter what happens, and the team had exactly that.
The players’ sportsmanship and devotion to the team aided them to greater turnouts while they put their best effort into the sport.
Their last meet is on November 4th, where team members hope to see a positive turnout and strong finish to their season.