Rivalry Week, The Most Engaging Week Of All


Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

Selma High showed off its competitive spirit during this year’s Rivalry Week. The week was full of games, competitive door decoration contests, fun costumes, and much more.
Rivalry Week for Selma High is the anticipating days leading up to Friday, which is when Selma’s football team plays against the Kingsburg High Vikings.
These days are accompanied by games in the quad during lunch and fun dress up days.
Pajama day was on Monday, where students wore their sleepwear and tried not to fall asleep in class. Tuesday was “Dress as Your Type,” students wore what they think their crush would wear or how the opposite gender dresses. Wednesday was celebrity day/character day, students dressed as their favorite celebrity or character from their favorite show. Thursday was full of grills and snacks with “BBQ Dad vs Soccer Mom.” Friday was Spirit Day, students were able to show their school’s black and orange colors in preparation for the game that night. Lastly, Monday was Halloween, the school let students wear their costumes and show them off during lunch in the quad.
This year’s dress up days were very diverse from other years. Leadership takes the students into consideration when coming up with the fun activities offered to students.
“We had people in the leadership class come up with ideas that would be fun and thought everyone would participate in. In the end, we all took a vote to choose the days,” explains junior Mariah Ramirez.
The games were also not to miss. Senior Lexi Orosco made sure to let students have a great time in the games by talking to the crowd and hyping up the participants. Monday was musical chairs, Tuesday was mystery relay, Wednesday was ankle balloon popping, Thursday was a puzzle piece game, and Friday had mini carnival stations where students could look around and be with friends.
Leadership students take immense pride in their work and hops the students had fun. They know their hard work paid off because of all the participation that occurred this week and all of the smiles they saw.
“What I liked about this week was seeing all the students coming together as a whole and enjoying seeing or being in the lunch activities,” continued Ramirez.
Leadership hopes students will create memories and feel overall involved with the school.
This week also had a door decorating contest. Mr. Harshaw came in first place, Mrs. Denver’s class came in second, and lastly, Mrs. Lambert’s came in third.
Although this week was challenging for Leadership to prepare, they put all hands on deck and were able to have a successful week with students and staff.