FFA Takes On The Big Fresno Fair


FFA students pose for a picture at the Big Fresno Fair.

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor/Webmaster

Selma High’s FFA participated in the Big Fresno Fair that occurred between October 10, 2022 through October 15, 2022. This included their livestock exhibitors having their market ready show on Wednesday, October 12th, and their showmanship on Thursday, October 13th. They were able to showcase their animals to judges and spectators. Selma High also entered 58 floral exhibits that placed between first and second place. The Selma Bears had a successful week with many of them placing in the top ten.
It took a lot of hard work and dedication to do as well as they did. They have raised their animals for several months, making it a learning experience. There is a lot of work that goes into this tedious process.This includes washing, feeding, grooming, and training their animals almost everyday. This process, however, is what gets them podium acquired places.
“This experience taught me that no matter how hard the work is or how difficult it starts to become, as long as you are able to put the work and time in, you will succeed,” explained junior FFA Vice-President Adaline Barros, who placed first in market, first in pen of two, and first in her floral entry.
Even though the process of preparing was difficult, it allowed for the members of FFA to confidently enter the Big Fresno Fair with open eyes and a sense of grit to have a flourishing couple of days. The fair gave off an inviting atmosphere where everyone could gather and highlight what they had worked hard on for several months.
“Entering and leaving the show ring really allows you to see how much support you truly have,” stated Barros.
For many it was an exciting experience where they were able to make friendships and achieve their goals, but for newcomers it was a little nerve racking, yet also achievable to overcome their obstacles of nervousness.
“It was my first year showing an animal and it was tiring, stressful but with the teamwork and animals, it was a fun experience,” explained sophomore Isabella Castro whose goat, Buddy, placed fifth.
Mrs. Mendes’ floral design class also went to the Big Fair Fresno where students were able to showcase their own creations. They all placed between first and second place. Many explained how proud they felt when seeing something they personally made being displayed for all to see.
“It was my first time ever creating something like my wreath and I loved seeing it being displayed at the Big Fresno Fair,” stated senior Stephanie Garcia, who placed second.
Their take on the Big Fresno Fair allowed for a lot of learning and opportunity taking. From tirelessly working for numerous months and days, to everyone placing in the top ten, the FFA members and those in floral design had a great turn out and can’t wait for next year.