Without Further Ado….Folklorico


Sonia Pacheco, Reporter

On October 23, the Selma High School Mexican dance class, Los Paisanos, performed at St. Joseph Catholic Church for the “Share the Love Festival.”
The enthusiastic dancers performed a variety of dances devised among all of the dancers that performed. The experience level among the students varied. For some, it was their first time having ever performed. The performances were pulled off by students from both Selma High School and Abraham Lincoln Middle School. They had all worked together to perform the various dances they had practiced.
The Mexican dance class, also known as Folklorico consists of students with various years of experience, some even before entering Selma High School.
This performance being one of the first performances that the Folklorico class has done for this school year also means that for more than half of the dancers, it was their first time having ever performed.
“Lots, and lots of practice everyday in class was preparing [us] for the day the closer it got,” said Nevaeh Santibanez, a student who performed on Sunday at the festival.
During their practices, the positive energy, the teachers, and dance mates made it enjoyable for her despite the angst of it being one of her first performances as well.
While they prepared and practiced diligently for the dances, many other factors aside from the dances had to be prepared.
“It was very chaotic in the beginning making sure everybody had a costume, their accessories, the headpiece they needed,” said Mr. Bustos, adviser for Los Paisanos, “but Mr. Garcia and I were able to get everything set up so everybody could be set and ready on Sunday.”
As the day approached and preparations were being finalized, a little fewer than 100 dancers awaited the day, some in nervousness and others in excitement. With two beginning classes, one intermediate class, one advanced class, and the class from the middle school, they all performed in front of hundreds of people and quite evidently grasped their attention. As a crowd gathered all around them, they performed like they had practiced and were the main focus all together.
While it was the first performance for a majority of the dancers, everyone of all experience worked together to perform as cleanly as they did, and soon after, they gained a sense of relief and accomplishment.