A Selma High Production: Don’t Mention My Name


The “Don’t Mention My Name” crew poses for a picture.

Dayanara Yepez Ramirez and Evanie Adame

Selma High School’s Drama Club has produced yet another play. The production, Don’t Mention My Name, directed by Mrs. Saponara, made its official debut on October 28th. The Selma Arts Center also showcased the humorous enactment on October 29th and October 30th.
This comedic drama follows the hilarious mishaps of a man who doesn’t know his identity. Now he must navigate through a variety of witty yet disastrous individuals who all call him by a different name. These strangers each seem to have their own motivations, and the entire ordeal becomes more confusing when he untangles a plot that could result in his demise.
The Selma High Drama Club started off on a bad note, having a month less of preparation time than they usually have.
“We had a month less of rehearsal time this year than we did last year. They had to really stretch and get ready in a shorter amount of time,” revealed Mrs. Saponara.
Coupled with this, two of the main leads had a more daunting responsibility.
“I had two actors that had a ton of lines. So it was a lot of motivating them to work harder, to get their lines memorized, and just giving them that time and grace period to make mistakes,” stated Mrs. Saponara.
Even with these challenges, the cast managed to surpass the complications.
“Since it was opening night I felt like I gave it my all. I think we did really good,” Hernan Vasquez, a sophomore who played a scandalous business executive, expressed.
The Drama Club encourages anybody who’s interested to not be fearful of auditioning.
“Just go for it. I was scared at first, but once I finally put my nerves aside I just did it, and I got it, and now I’m doing great. I totally recommend this to anybody,” motivated Joanne Garza, a junior who played a savvy real estate agent.
With the fall play behind them, the Drama Club hopes to welcome in new members and present another production in the spring.