Getting To Know Selma’s New Police Chief


Lovleen Sahota, Co-Editor in Chief/Editorial Editor

There’s a new Chief of Police in the city of Selma. The City of Selma welcomed its newest Police Chief, Rudy Alcarez, on August 1 of this year. Commander Rene Garza had been serving as interim chief following the exit of former chief Joseph Gomez, who left the department on March 9. Rudy Alcaraz has returned to the department where he worked for almost 20 years. Rudy Alcarez has been involved in law enforcement for over 25 years. He began his career with the Selma Police Department in 1998 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2009. Alcaraz then transferred to the City of Fowler as Police Chief in 2017. Selma City Manager, Fernando Santillan, appointed Rudy Alcaraz.
Chief Alcarez looks forward to return working in the Selma community.
“Developing a relationship with the local community is very vital,” expresses Chief Alcarez. “We work to keep Selma a safe place, so understanding that residents know that is super important.”
Chief Alcarez explains that the main objectives currently are to keep crime rates low.
“My job is to take crime fighting to the next level and advance the public safety mission. People will feel safe if the crime is down and they are not afraid,” stated Chief Alcarez.
Chief Alcarez explained the active transition back to Selma.
“Following up and alluding to immediate demands was the most challenging part of my transition,” commented Chief Alcarez.
Further, Alcarez recalls how the Selma Band Festival allowed the local community to see the Selma Police department in action.
“Ensuring a sense of security and of comfortability among the City of Selma is of our utmost concern.”
The job of a law enforcement officer is often stressful, demanding, and dangerous. The lifestyle and culture of law enforcement affect more than just the officers. Spouses, partners, parents, children, and companions of law enforcement officers play an integral role in an officer’s overall composure.
“Knowing that people are supporting you behind every step you take is beyond inspiring. My family has been my biggest supporter,” communicates Alcarez. “When they heard of my appointment as Selma Police Chief, they were beyond thrilled.”
Mr. Alcarez’s new position shows how commitment and time continue to allow for opportunities to blossom.
“To dream big, work hard, and do the ‘right’ thing,” Chief Alcarez relays to young adults.
Alcarez looks forward to working alongside the City of Selma to continue to increase public safety and its law enforcement.