Props and Chops

Lovleen Sahota, Co-Editor in Chief/Editorial Editor


-Sweater Szn
The comfort that we feel in wearing warm clothing can’t be measured.

-3 Day Weekend
Finally!! It’s here! We definitely need it this year!

-Sza’s New MUSIC VIDEO!!! 🙂
Drake and 21 Savage’s new album!!

-Thanksgiving Break
A week where we’re not overwhelmed with schoolwork? Yes, please!!

-Selma Band Festival
Our SHS Band was definitely a hit!

-Taylor Swift’s Album: Midnights
She’s such a lyrical genius. You NEED to listen to it right now if you haven’t.

-100 Years of The Clarion
Yup! 100 years!! This newspaper is as old as the Fresno Bee!


-Frozen Windshields
Having to defrost my windshield every morning is something I really don’t look forward to.

-Flu Szn
Watch out!

-Finals Szn
It’s already creeping on us!