Ask Klarissa

Klarissa, Reporter

1. Team Michael or Team Rafael from Jane the Virgin?

DONT HATE ME!! To be honest, I haven’t seen Jane the Virgin… but I did my research and I can confirm I’m Team Rafael (He’s cuter! LOL)

2. What are your thoughts on teens lifting weights?

Honestly, good for y’all. I ran from my couch to the fridge and I started getting dizzy. But, if you spell “Jim” instead of “gym,” just know your membership should be terminated.

3. Thoughts on Mint Chocolate Chip?

I don’t think I want to answer this one… I’m concerned for my safety if my thoughts are exposed.

4. Is the dress black + blue or gold + white?

It’s obviously black and blue. If you see otherwise I think it’s time to get your eyesight checked.

5. What is your favorite genre of music?

Anything other than country. If I am kind and generous enough to give you the AUX and you play country, just know I’m kicking you out of my car and making you walk home.

6. How is caramel pronounced?

I say “CAH-RAH-MEL.” Any other way just sounds funny.

7. Should Julie and the Phantoms be brought back for a second season?

OMG! Another show I haven’t watched. You guys need to put me on some good shows. I also did my research on this series and saw it was a musical, and let’s just say I’m not too big on musicals.