“And On To The Floor”

Mr. Resendez’s Outside Life


Mr. Resendez and friends.

Yarektzy Navarro, Reporter

Many seem to be too invested in their classes that it’s hard to wonder if teachers have an outside life of their own. Well yes they do and especially one teacher has a unique particular outside life of his own.
Mr.Resendez, math teacher at Selma High, has a different life from school and home.
Mr.Resendez enjoys being active and does a different particular activity.
“I enjoy the sport of grappling outside of work. Both wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.” Resendez said.
Having any type of job takes up anyone’s time, even if it’s not difficult. Although he is a teacher, he utilizes any free time he gets, in his case it’s the weekend.
“In all honesty I do this whenever I have time. Being a teacher takes a lot of time. I do go practice every weekend with my teammates. Fri-Sun!”explains Resendez.
Jiu Jitsu is a type of floor fighting almost similar to wrestling. Mr. Resendez explains the techniques of the game.
“The idea of jiu jitsu is to learn how to fight on the ground. A large portion of fights end up on the ground so the Japanese and Brazilians learned how to fight on the ground.” said Resendez.
Resendez claims that it’s been a few years since the beginning of this hobby of his. He was introduced to Jiu Jitsu by a group of friends of his.
“I started doing this in my college year in 2017 and have been doing it since.” He claims
Resendez had been convinced by others to try this activity due to the good things he’s heard about Jiu Jitsu also because he was just curious about this particular sport.
“I had a couple of friends who grew up wrestling and they would always share the awesome things about the sport. I was curious one day and decided to try out a free jiu jitsu class and then I fell in love and started to do it,” explains Resendez.
Every sport or activity brings struggles. Either its being in shape, conditioning, or having to understand it clearly. Although he does enjoy doing this, it does bring struggles to him whenever he plays.
“Keeping good cardio, learning how to problem solve each time, wrestling big dudes(200 lbs+) and constantly washing gym clothes,” said Resendez.
With teaching and family, Resendez will always find a way to improve in Jiu Jitsu and keep doing what he likes.