Homecoming Dance: Unforgettable Memories


Homecoming Dance

Donna Rubio, Reporter

To kick off Homecoming Week the dance was held on Monday September 26, 2022. After Powderpuff and the Community Rally, the dance was held in the Selma High School Gymnasium. Students began to file in through the doors at eight in the evening.
Selma High School’s Leadership team began planning this event in the summer! They took time out of their summer break to attend leadership meetings. At times, attending to leadership duties can be overwhelming.
“Time management is very hard. Staying after school for leadership, having sports, and also having homework is very hard, but leadership is also helpful. It is a very good group of people,” junior Chantel Rodriguez revealed. In the company of good friends Chantel preserves through the hardships and is able to, along with her teammates, provide a school year filled with fun activities for the rest of the students.
Senior Sydney Sanchez explained what she does in order to do so many things at once.
“It depends how many things I have going on. I have to juggle Mexican dance, leadership, cheer, and homework.” she said. “I think it is important to take mental health breaks to be able to manage time.
Ms. Garcia, the new leadership advisor, also aids her students with learning the task of time management. For better productivity, Ms. Garcia has committees where the work is divided between everybody.
“After every event we do a reflection on what went well and what we can do better next time,” Ms. Garcia communicated. “We always want to get better.” As the advisor for Selma High’s leadership, Ms. Garcia wants to provide a year filled with excitement for the school, but keeping in mind the activity-filled lives of her students.
At times planning events as big as homecoming is formidable, but the memories leadership students create together during tough times are the sort of things that they’ll remember for much longer.
“All the conversations in between, trying to figure out the color scheme, and everyone being involved in it [was my favorite part in planning it],”senior Marissa Vasquez revealed. After plenty of time spent on organizing the homecoming dance, it was time to enjoy.
The gymnasium was decorated with drapings that hung from the ceiling. The venue was imbued in white and different shades of blue. The balloons and draping enhanced the appearance of the gymnasium. Disco lights created a euphoric feeling amongst the crowd.
“My favorite part of the dance was when everyone started to go crazy and started to sing the songs out loud,” sophomore Edgar Ruiz commented. The feeling of adrenaline and happiness this moment brought to Ruiz became an unforgettable memory. For freshman Izaiah Gonzales it was a moment filled with greatness as well.
“I had a lot of fun! It was fun to see everyone dancing together. It was an experience that I will remember for years to come. I would love to go to another dance. It was just a great experience,” Gonzales said.
An event composed of hard work and dedication resulted in a meaningful experience for both leadership and the rest of the student body.